Apple Watch Alternative: Just $24 Gets You This Popular Smart Watch

At this time, the Popglory Smartwatch can only be purchased through Amazon for the price of $23.99. With the current offer, you can immediately save 19% off the asking price.

To help you better understand how your body is evolving, the watch uses cutting-edge sensors to evaluate your blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. Afterward, the data is stored in the HeroBandIII companion app. The primary body of the watch only weighs 44 grams. You may quickly alter how you look thanks to the newest watch face selection. The watch face can also be modified.

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With a full touch screen that also offers rapid access to workout information, you can interact more successfully. A timer, stopwatch, wrist sense, DND mode, discover phone, sedentary reminders, music control, and weather display are a few of the features you may use to stay in touch. The wristwatch keeps track of your heart rate, steps done, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep quality throughout the day. There are seven different sports modes to choose from.

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How much time you spent awake, nodding off, and sleeping well may all be seen. The sports watch is compatible with cellphones running iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 or later. With up to 10 using time and more than 30 standby, you can remain organized and productive the entire day. Learn more about your exercise regimen, sleeping habits, and heart health using the HeroBandIII app.

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