Polk Audio Command Alexa-enabled 4K HDMI Sound Bar For $199, $100 OFF

The Alexa-enabled Polk Audio Command soundbar is $199 on Amazon. This deal matches its lowest price, as we saw on Black Friday and vacation sales. The soundbar usually comes for about $300 and it only drops to about $250, even if it goes on sale.

The Polk Audio Command is basically a three-in-one unit. This is a soundbar+subwoofer combo, first and most noticeable feature. It substitutes the crappy integrated speakers of your television for audio that will knock you off your feet. The Polk Audio Command, using Dolby and DTS technology, delivers really great sound. The main soundbar consists of two 3-inch drivers and two1-inch tweeters with a punchy 6.5-inch 100watt driver by the wireless subwoofer. From films to music, the standalone subwoofer blows all with a noticeable thump, offering you stronger bass than the most costly Sonos beam.

When you look at the soundbar, you probably noticed in the middle of it the Echo Dot-like circle. It brings us to the second role of the Command and it’s an Alexa speaker. Like with any Amazon Echo, you can speak to Alexa any time via the Polk Audio Command with the words “Alexa.” Would you like to see how the day will look like? Ask Alexa. Do you have a smart thermostat and need to heat?? This can be achieved also by Alexa. Whether it is your first speaker, Alexa is already a welcoming touch, if you already have other Alexa-powered speakers.

Finally, when you plug the Polk Audio Command into your TV, it’s like an Amazon Fire TV stick, making it easy for you to access all your favorite video and music apps. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and more are available. Apps for Spotify, iHeartRadio and many others are also available. All your videos are broadcast in crisp 4K HDR to ensure you have the best possible image. You’ve got it — three systems in one. A solid soundbar, hands-free Alexa and a fire tv streamer.

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