Plug In All Your Apple Devices With $12 Teckin Multi-Plug AC Outlet Extender

The AC Outlet Extender mini Teckin Multi-Plug is useful for adding more than just a few USB ports to the outlets around your home. This compact extender makes a great travel companion as well. Since it does not include surge protection or an extension cord, it is fully approved and ready to embark on all major cruise lines from Carnival to Norwegian, Disney, and many more. Today, when you clip the coupon on its product page, you can pick one up for just $11.99 at Amazon. That brings it down from the other way around and saves you $5 off its usual cost of $17.

This outlet extender, while compact, provides you with five ways to charge all-in-one. Plus, it’s so small, it’s not even going to block the other outlet up or down where it’s plugged in. It has three AC outlets and two USB ports that allow you to simultaneously power up to five devices. If you only have access to one AC outlet but have several devices that need power, this becomes super helpful. Using Smart IC technology, the USB ports each offer a charge of up to 2.4A max and even determine what is automatically plugged in and provide an optimized charge per device.

With today’s purchase, Teckin includes a 12-month guarantee. So far, more than 80 customers have left reviews for it, resulting in a strong 4.8 out of 5-star rating.

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