Pickup Victsing Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse For Your Laptop At $9

The Victsing Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is designed to reduce hand cramping and pain that plagues users of computers sitting in front of their screen the whole day. Its side handles, thumb rests and strategic buttons are built to keep your hand comfy for several hours, and Amazon now has a cost of only $8.99 by clipping on its product page and then entering the promo code WHWU4HFU at check-out. This will save you 6 dollars off all the costs there, which have never fallen this low without code before.

With an optical sensor of 2400 DPI, the ergonomic wireless mouse can be adjusted to 1000 DPI in a high precision. The buttons are included to navigate to the previous and next page so that you don’t even have to move your mouse back again. It has a USB receiver that allows that mouse to work without having to connect it to any computer. The receiver has a wireless range of up to 49 feet and an integrated scroll wheel is also available. You’ll even receive a one-year warranty when you buy it.

Fortunately, this mouse is compatible with nearly every OS, from Windows to Mac OS, Linus OS and much more. Two AA batteries will be needed to keep it up, and as the Victsing Product Page doesn’t indicate whether batteries are included in this purchase, you may want to add a bit of the order today to be ready.

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