Pickup VAVA E-Touch iPhone Holder For Car While It’s On Sale For $10, Normally $19

Amazon’s Vava E-Touch car holder is down to $10,47. Get that price by cutting off the on-page coupon of 8 percent and then using the P523JC4I code during checkout. The two discounts stack together, bringing down its $19 street price by 48 percent overall.

The Vava phone holder will work with any smartphone with a screen size ranging from 2.2 inches to 6 inches. That means you’re most likely going to need to use a smaller phone with this one, but that also means you can turn one of your older phones into a more permanent car display.

To attach to your dashboard or windshield, the phone holder uses a strong suction cup. It is an installation that is foolproof. Adjust the suction cup to securely lock the mount in place by rotating it in a clockwise direction. Once the mount is secure, you can find the perfect viewing angle using the 360-degree ball head and extensive telescopic arm. Rotate, adjust, and move until you are completely satisfied.

The automatic lock and release also make user-friendly. Just put your phone in the holder and it’s gripping and supporting your phone automatically. To release it, simply use your finger and a simple one-touch button. Without problems in and out.

The mount does not support wireless charging, so if you want to power your phone while driving, you will need to get a USB cable and a car charger. On this 2-port charger, you can save 10 percent from Anker. Then, depending on the phone you are using, you only need a Lightning cable or USB-C cable.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, this deal comes with free one-day shipping. If not, the shipping threshold of $25 will have to be reached. But it’s a good time to sign up now! You’re going to get 30 days off, covering you through Black Friday. Get your shopping on vacation done!

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