Pickup Two CHOETECH Wireless Charger For Your Smartphone At Just $13

Your phone will probably support wireless charging. Nowadays, phones from major flagships all the way to entry-level handsets with Qi support are super common. Wireless charging is convenient particularly if you’re able to lay your phone in every position during day or night if you have a wireless charger. Furthermore, wireless chargers such as this one offering two 10W Choetech wireless charging pads for just $12.99 are not too costly to store. You only have to clip the coupon on the product page and enter the code 2YEI6AQ4 when checking out. All in all, you are cutting $7 off the normal 2-pack cost and reducing each charger’s price to only $6.50. At that point, it’s a no-brainer buy.

The charging pads from Choetech have an extremely slim design and are designed to keep the pad and phone stationarily while you’re charging. It supports Android devices with up to 10W power as a quick charger, and modern models for iPhones get a 7.5W power. A standard 5W charge will be provided to any other Qi-enabled phone or accessory. The built-in protection against short-circuits and overheating are available and chargers can even work up to 0.3″ in thickness in phone cases. This 2-pack is great for a couple who wishes to get one for home or for a desk on their nightstands.

Your purchase is supported by an 18-month assurance and existing owners give 4.8 out of 5 stars based on more than 350 reviews to those chargers. The charger set comes with the necessary cables, but you will need to provide your own wall adapter or collect a few more. You want Quick Charge-enabled wall chargers like these for the quickest possible load.

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