Pickup This Popular Apple Watch Wireless Charger With Built In Power Bank For $19

Many goods have such an impact on your routine that you can not really imagine life without them once you start using them. It mustn’t be something large or even costly. It simply needs to be something that will meet your needs and simplify your life, as the MQOUNY Portable Apple Watch Charger does.

This awesome small gadget— a real lifeguard, by the way, is now on sale on Amazon for only $18.99. So often, I forget to take my Apple Watch off at night to load it on my bedside table. Since it only lasts a day for a charge it is difficult to get through a second day without reloading. That is why I always carry the portable MQOUNY charger in my bag with me now.

Like a regular Apple Watch charger, it has a wireless charge disc and a USB plug on the right side for connection to a laptop or USB Wall Adapter. And, the best thing is that you don’t even have to plug it in to charge your Apple watch because it has an integrated battery that lasts for two to three full charges before it needs to be charged!

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