Pickup This Picture Frame Stand With Integrated 10W Qi Charger For Smartphone For $50 ($40 OFF)

Twelve South PowerPic | Picture Frame Stand

The Twelve South PowerPic is offered by Amazon for $49.99. That’s the best price you can find right now, up to $40 off the standard rate there. If you continue to use a cable to charge your iPhone, it is time to consider upgrading to Qi thoroughly. The cable looks elegant and Twelve South with PowerPic takes things to the next level. This handy loader is a photo frame to make sure your desk or bedside table doesn’t need to seem confused. 4.6/5 stars rated.

Product Highlights:

Place the phone against the glass to begin charging. Doubles as a modern 5×7 picture frame crafted from New Zealand pine when not in use.

The qi-certified fast charger delivers up to 10W of wireless charging power. Plugs into any powered USB port – from your computer at your desk, a USB wall outlet, or any spare USB charger that may have come with your phone or another device.

Wirelessly charges through most phone cases up to 3mm thick. Not compatible with thicker rugged cases or devices more than 6.5 inches (165mm) tall.

Compatible with most wireless charging phones including iPhone (X, XS, XS Max, XR, 8/8 Plus), Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy.

What’s in the box: PowerPic Frame and USB-C to USB-A cable – power source required

PowerPic status light lets you know if a foreign object (like a metallic card) is between your device and PowerPic that could affect charging.

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