Pickup Aukey Car Smartphone Air Vent Mount (2-Pack) For Less Than $9 From Amazon

You ever dropped your phone into your car on the floor with a break from your screen? This is why my seat now has its own, and yours too— particularly with all recent cellular prohibitions while driving. Smartphone mounts nowadays, like the Aukey Cell Phone holder, that typically sells for $10, are super affordable. By using promo code IBE2S6RU during checkout, you can even score a two-pack right now for just $8.79, thanks to a sale on Amazon. You can save $7 off the normal cost of the pair.

Aukey’s Cell Phone Holder is ideal for both horizontal and vertical wind blades and clips into the air vent of your car. It has arms to hold your phone and an immediate release button that allows you to place or easily remove your mobile. A pivoting ball joint helps you to rotate the mount 360 degrees so that you can either view the portrait or landscape mode of your device Its purchase includes a two-year warranty.

This Anker Roav receiver is another great addition to your vehicle that you can snag off at a discount. You can connect Bluetooth to almost any AUX-input radio when you click on the coupon on your products page for only $15. It has even an integrated microphone to allow you to make hands-free calls and a one-year warranty.

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