Pickup Anker’s Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse For Laptops & PC’s At Just $14

Anker’s 2.4 G Vertical Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse is developed to help promote a healthy wrist and arm position while using your computer, minimizing the hand stresses and strain of people sitting before the screen clicking the whole day. Thanks to the Amazon sale, you can get your hands for $13.99 when you check out with promo code ANKER7852. This mouse sells periodically for $20 else and today’s deal marks a return to one of the best prices that it has ever attained.

The Anker vertical wireless mouse features a customizable DPI level so that you can switch from 800 to 120 to 1600 DPI at any time, by clicking a button. Next and previous buttons also make web browsing a little faster and easier once you’re accustomed to using them. The traditional left and right mouse buttons are also available with a scroll wheel.

This mouse has a power-saving mode that automatically switches it off once your mouse has been idle for eight minutes. It uses two AAA batteries. It’s also quick to wake up; only right or left click to turn it on and start using the mouse again. With today’s purchase, no AAA batteries are included, so you can add some to your cart before checking out if you don’t already have any at home.

Anker comes with an 18-month warranty and a 2.4 G USB receiver that you plug in your computer for wireless mouse use. There is even a small spot near the batteries where the receiver can be stored when it is not used.

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