Pickup 4 Pack Of Colorful Govee Lights With Remote Control For $10 Only

With Govee color-changing light bulbs, setting the mood in every room is much easier. You can use the included remote devices to switch between 16 vibrant colors, and you can select a few cool lighting modes. Today, if you enter promo code QWD9EM5L while checkout, a four-pack of these bulbs can be purchased at Amazon for just $9.99. This saves you five dollars from their usual costs and reduces the price to just 2.50 dollars for each bulb.

Color-changing Govee lights come complete with two remote controls that allow you to on and off the bulbs, set the delay of 2 or 4 hours, adjust the dimness and switch the color with 16 options, including warm white and cool white. The distance from the bulbs is up to 26 feet away.

These bulbs are available with 4 different lighting modes, from color to color from fade, to hop and from light. They are E26/E27 compatible and also have low electricity consumption. In Amazon, almost 125 clients left the rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars in these bulbs.

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