Picking Up VAVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Haven’t Been This Cheap, $109 Only! Usually $199

Isn’t the time you’ve taken a break? The Vava 1300Pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner can reduce your chores list and give you some of your free time at its lowest price. It’s on sale today at Amazon for Prime members for just $109.99 when you clip the coupon on their product page. That saves you $90 off the usual $200 cost.

If you’re not a Prime member yet, you can still score a lot on this robot vacuum by clipping its on-page coupon and then using BKE83HJG promo code during checkout. For a limited time, that brings its price down to $119.99, and if not for the even better deal that’s exclusive to Prime members today, we’d say it’s its best price ever.

Vava’s Robot Vacuum Cleaner has an intelligent navigation system that helps to create effective cleaning patterns and removes path repetition by itself, making it 30 percent easier than standard models when it comes to finding a room. It comes with remote control and runs smoothly so that you can turn it on and take a nap. The remote control even allows you to plan a cleaning for the future.

You can rest assured that, thanks to built-in infrared and drop sensors, it won’t fall down a flight of stairs or crash into everything you own. By the time you wake up, its 1300pa suction and four dynamic cleaning modes meanwhile ensure that your floors are much cleaner. Even an integrated edge-sweeping brush is available to remove all the dirt and debris from the corners of the walls of your home.

This robotic vacuum cleaner is suitable for carpeted floors made of hardwood, tile, laminate and low to medium stack. When the battery is low, it will return to its charging station to power back up; you will not have to worry about finding it every other day with a dead battery in the middle of your floor.

Vava’s robot vacuum cleaner ships at Amazon for free, although you could get your order even faster with Amazon Prime (and save $10 on today’s purchase). If you have never been a member before, you can launch a free 30-day trial to score free two-day delivery with Prime Video access, exclusive members-only deals, and more.

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