PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer Are Back in Stock!

PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone

PhoneSoap’s wildly popular UV sanitizers are back in Amazon for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic started eight months ago!

You naturally need good face masks like the Powecom KN95 masks that have been tested and filtered even better by NIOSH than most 3M N95 masks by the FDA. Purell hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are also needed. However, people often forget how dirty their smartphones are and PhoneSoap is here.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger -min

Most Amazon UV sanitizer boxes are not proved, but PhoneSoap’s products use the best UV-C lights available and actually work clinically. It’s not a random company, but the brand we all saw on Shark Tank before it blew to be the leader in this area. It is so popular that every single sanitizer box of the company was sold almost immediately after the coronavirus hit. Now, fortunately, they’re back on Amazon stock.

The PhoneSoap Pro flagship is currently the best model available and at Amazon three different colors are available. PhoneSoap 3 is the next most popular model and can be found in four colors. The portable PhoneSoap Go and PhoneSoap Wireless models with an integrated wireless charger are also available. Any or all of these popular models might sell out at any time, so scroll down for more information and snag one while you can!

Product Highlights:

PHONESOAP – THE FIRST UV-C SANITIZER AND CHARGER: This unit houses two scientifically proven germicidal UV-C bulbs that completely sanitize your entire phone, killing 99.99% of all bacteria and germs. In addition, the unit offers one USB port and one USB-C port for charging.


AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, AND QVC: PhoneSoap’s revolutionary bacteria-zapping technology was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, tested and proven effective on the Discovery Channel, and sold to hundreds of thousands of happy customers on Good Morning America and QVC.

STAY HEALTHY: Our phones gather all the bacteria we touch throughout the day, and then they are stored in warm and dark places like purses and pockets, leaving the bacteria to breed and grow. They are the third hand we never wash! Using PhoneSoap on a regular basis will help keep germs and illness at bay.


FITS AND CHARGES ANY PHONE: PhoneSoap 3 was built to accommodate all smartphones, including larger models like the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The USB and USB-C ports in the back of the unit offer universal charging to all devices. You’re going to charge your phone every night anyway – you may as well sanitize it, too!

CLEAN WHATEVER FITS. The PhoneSoap 3 was created with smartphones in mind, but will sanitize anything that fits inside – pacifiers, smartwatches, headphones, keys – you name it!

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