Only The 40mm Apple Watch Series 5 is Discounted By $100 On Amazon

Apple Watch Series 5 deals amazon

Every new generation of Apple’s product is far better than all previous generations.  Would Apple really spend so much time and money developing new, inferior devices? However, some upgrades are significantly higher than others and more than most people who have an Apple Watch Series 5 have it.

The Series 5 model is definitely better in every way in comparison to the early versions of the Apple Watch. Thank the 64-bit dual-core S5 processor, which is twice as fast as the S3 chipset, it’s much faster and more powerful than the Apple Watch Series 3 is the only other model that remains available. The AMOLED display also comes with a thinner lens to make your look even better and has a new, always updated feature so you don’t need to wait until you see the time and all of your beloved complications in the face of your watch.

The monitoring of cardiac rates remains a central feature of the Apple Watch, but the model 5 of Apple also adds an integrated ECG app which, thanks to electrical or optical heart sensors, is different from anything that is ahead of it. If you fall and warn of an irregular cardiac rate and so much more, it can call emergency services. Heck, this is even a “swimproof,” so you can wear it in the pool or shower and do not have to worry about it.

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