OMG! How Come These $20 ANC Headphones Sound So Good? Usually $50

HaiTeng B2C CORP from Amazon provides a Meidong E6 Effective Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphone for $19.99 when using the LZMCWWMM code at checkout. This is down from its regular rate of 60 percent and marks a new high that we have traditionally monitored. Typically, a couple of hundred bucks would operate on active noise-canceling headphones but the Meidong breaks the mold here, though, by offering similar features at a much lower cost. Plus, with these on-ear headphones, you will get up to 10 hours of listening time. Rated with stars of 4.9/5.

To save even further, uninstall the mobile and noise-canceling functions. Lightweight Fold-Flat on-ear headphones from Vogek are only available at $15. The main downside here is that these headphones will need to be plugged in to use them. You will also miss out on the effective noise cancelation functionality, but save a further 25 percent in the process.

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