This Highly Rated 3 Pack Of Nylon Braided Lightning Cable For iPhone Costs You Just $7

JAHMAI Nylon Braided Lightning Cable

Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you can pick up a 3 pack of Jahmai Nylon Braided Lightning Cable for $6.99. With today’s offer, you save directly 30 percent on this cable.

This popular cable has a strong sense of quality improvement. Bending Torsional Is Difficult On The Surface Of Nylon Fiber Weaving. The cables Are several times more than anything else on the market because Of jahmai iPhone charger reinforced stress points with an 8000+ bend lifespan.

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Ensure a maximum charging speed of 2.1A, charging speed is 40% faster than other iPhone charging cables, and charging time is reduced. There Are No Error Messages, And Performance Is 100% Guaranteed.

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The Jahmai Lightning Cable’s high-quality copper wire improves signal quality and speeds up the transmission. With up to 480 Mb/S transfer rate, great performance ensures that your devices sync and charge simultaneously.

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