Raise Your MacBook To Your Eye Level With This Discounted Nulaxy Laptop Stand For $51 (Save 32%)

The Nulaxy Laptop Stand is currently available on sale at Amazon for $50.99. Normally selling for $74.99, without applying any special discount code at the checkout today’s offer allows you to save directly 32 percent on the original price.

A budget-friendly laptop stand that combines creativity and quality to help you alter your unique workspace! It is compatible with practically all laptops ranging in size from 10 to 17 inches, including MacBook, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Google Pixelbook, Dell XPS, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, Chromebook, and others.

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This laptop stand allows you to adjust the height of your laptop screen from 1.18″ to 21″, ensuring a comfortable position whether you’re sitting or standing. Raising the laptop screen to eye level improves your body posture and helps to ease neck, back, and eye strain.

Adjustable height and tilt let you position the laptop for the best visual comfort, making it ideal for use at a desk. While typing on a laptop keyboard, not all heights and angles are stable enough; you may notice the stand shaking at certain height levels. We strongly advise using this stand in conjunction with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

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The exceptionally strong construction ensures quality,  it weighs 1.25kg (2.76lbs) and can support up to 22 lbs (10kg) on top. Stability is enhanced by rubber pads and two front tabs. Heat dissipation is further enhanced by an aluminum plate with a ventilation hole.

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