Elevate Your MacBook To The Perfect Viewing Angle With Nulaxy C3 Aluminum Stand For $17

The Nulaxy C3 Aluminum MacBook Stand is available for $16.99 at Amazon. This normally sells for around $22, so today’s 23 percent reduction gets it down to a new all-time low. This famous stand, made of 5mm aluminum alloy, provides a significant amount of airflow and lift for any MacBook or laptop between 10- and 16-inches. It raises the screen 7 inches, which is all you actually need on most desks to bring the that bad boy up to eye level. This ergonomic design reduces back and necks pain, and if you work at a desk or on a laptop for even a few hours a day, you know how rapidly that type of tension can accumulate.

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Product Highlights:

With the open-back design, it offers the best ventilation and airflow needed to cool either your notebook or gaming laptop and preventing it from Overheating. And the rubber pads and aluminum alloy acts as thermal pads to take the heat of too.

Nulaxy C3 Laptop Stand is compatible with all laptops from 10-16 inches such as MacBook 12/ 13 MacBook Air 13 Macbook Pro 13/ 15 Google Pixelbook Dell XPS HP ASUS Lenovo ThinkPad Acer Chromebook and other notebook PC computer sizes between 10-16 inches.

The Laptop stand works as a riser to elevate the laptop screen to 7’’ and brings it to a perfect eye level to fix your posture. The ergonomic riser will help reduce neck and back pain, reduce eye strain creating extra space giving you the option to work without any clutter on your desk. 

Made with premium 5mm aluminum alloy this laptop stand is studied and is able to support laptops weighing up to 22 lbs (10kg) and with the large rubber pads on the surface, it will hold it steady too. We also have pads on the bottom to prevent it from sliding and protecting your laptop from any unwanted harm.

This laptop stand has premium CNC cut aluminum alloy material that will make sure it’s easy to reassemble and fits perfectly without any issues. With our easy to disassemble design, you can easily detach it into 3 parts and store it to keep your desktop clean.

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