Not Only Hands, You Need To Sanitize Your Smartphone With These Device To Be Save From Corona Virus

HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer-min

Everybody knows that smartphones breed for bacteria of all kinds and, yes, for viruses too. You can’t really be too safe in the age of coronavirus. Clorox wipes and Lysol wipes are still unknown, but Amazon finally has back in stock 3 different UV-C mobile phone sanitizers that you can get quickly if you’re quick.

The Yasolote UV Smartphone Sanitizer Case, available for $49.99, is now the first model available. It’s a nice big inside section for even the largest smartphones and it’s one of Amazon’s most affordable options.

Another great alternative is the Sanitizer Soeland UV Cell Phone, which costs $ 49.99. The NeotrixQI model works just as well, but the design is somewhat different. This is a newer version not available as long as the others.

And then we have the most popular UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer HoMedics. At $79.99 it’s a bit costly, but the design is great and collapsable, so it’s easy to store anywhere. It still has magnetic safety despite the zipper shutdown — the zipper pull masks a magnet that can only attach it to the safety when zipped.

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