Not Enough Space On Your MacBook? Solve It With SanDisk 500GB Portable SSD For $89

SanDisk and Amazon are working together to try out as many hands as possible for the former 500 GB portable external SSD! Hardware is highly attractive – it’s proven to have over 10,000 reviews on Amazon – but now more attractive thanks to an $80 discount which reduces the purchase price to just $89.79 for a very limited period.

Above all, if you are searching for a brand new SSD to be moved to a machine you are constructing, or if you wish to exchange your existing mechanical HDD for an SSD, this is not the product you need. This is a SanDisk drive intended for external use to the connected machine. Consider it as a portable external hard drive, but built-in robust state technology to make moving around with fewer moving components quicker and easier.

This offers a fair amount of internal storage with a capacity of 500 GB. It also features up to 550MB/s transfer speeds, allowing you to move high-resolution photos and videos quicker than with more old-fashioned hardware. Speed depends, of course, on the drive capacity, host devices and running operating system, but you should be happy with everything you receive.

The drive is also robust in design, providing water and dust with an IP55 rating to ensure it can be used in different settings and environments. The ideal drive for PC and Mac users requiring a bit more storage.

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