Nonda USB C To USB Adapter Allow You To Use Flash Drives On MacBook & iPad Pro, $8 Today

nonda USB C to USB Adapter-min

The nonda USB-C to USB-A 3.0 Adapter is offered by Amazon for $7.99. This is a 20% price decrease and is consistent with the previous low all-time we have seen. You may know the struggle of only using USB-C if you have any of the newest computers in Apple, be it the MacBook Air/Pro or the iPad Pro. Well, this problem can be resolved with the adjustment of one USB-C port to the USB-A so that you either have an external USB hub or can just plug in an old external HDD or SD card reader. 4.4/5 stars ratings.

Product Highlights:

[Usb 3. 0 SuperSpeed] Up to 5Gbps data transfer speed

[Match MacBook] Unibody aluminum casing. 3 Colors to match Apple MacBook

[Durable Aluminum Body] High-quality components ensures the longer life span

[Wi-fi Interference Fixed] No Wi-Fi interference while using this upgraded adapter

[1-Year Warrant_y] Feel free to upgrade to 3-Year warrant_y by registering to nonda USB-C adapter program

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