Newly Released AirPods Pro From Apple Returns To Black Friday Pricing!

Apple AirPods Pro -min (2)

The AirPods Pro was released at the end of last year and was a success during the holiday season. This made it very difficult for them to obtain, particularly for any sort of discount. They were even back-ordered until February at points. Fortunately, supply seems to meet demand and you can actually get a $14 discount from Amazon for AirPods Pro. This is their cheapest price since they were released at $249, but shipping times are beginning to fester again and therefore it is best to stick to this deal as long as you can.

The AirPods Pro features active noise cancelation to eliminate the ambient and background noises around you so you can concentrate on your music, calls, or whatever you’re playing at the moment. There is also a mode for transparency mode that helps you to filter back into all the sound in case you have to hear for a moment what is around you.

Another major improvement of the AirPods Pro is water resistance over standard AirPods. They are sweat-resistant too so that they can be wear to the fitness center, or for a run— including in the rain.

Nor are these the only AirPods for sale in Amazon if you don’t spend more than $200 today.

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