$26 Nekteck 90W USB C Wall Charger is Perfect To Fast Charge All Apple Devices

Amazon is currently offering the 90W USB-C Power Delivery charger from Nekteck with an integrated cable for just $25.99, which is an all-time low for this particular product. Nekteck’s hardware is certified by the USB-IF and guarantees without any hidden surprises or hassles to deliver the marketed experience.

For many people, buying USB Type-C products can be a bit of a minefield. There’s always a temptation to’ buy cheap,’ which can work extremely well at times, and the buyer won’t have any problems.

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With that said, there will be multiple people who regret that decision and have a terrible experience for every person who has a great experience with super-cheap power-based accessories. Fortunately, this product from Nekteck should definitely give you the warm, fuzzy feeling you deserve from buying.

This product normally sells on Amazon for at least $34 but currently sits at $25.99, the lowest price it has been spotted at. It also comes with USB-IF certification, which brings peace of mind to anyone making the purchase immediately and gives them assurances that everything will work exactly as compatible devices are intended.


Also, this wall charger packs a whopping 90W power output, which is much more than most people will need for general smartphone and tablet charging, but it’s also the perfect companion for those people who own a newer MacBook Pro and need at least two-thirds of that power output to keep that beast running.

In terms of its output, it is probably overkilling, but most people are definitely assuming that more is better than not enough, and this product definitely delivers in that respect. It also delivers price, reliability, and compatibility with a wide range of USB-C-based products, meaning you’re getting something that will deliver longevity and performance at a very impressive price.

This is the first time the price has fallen as low as this so if it’s something you’re interested in then make sure you act immediately to grab it while you can.

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