HOMPOW 720P Portable Mini Projector with 100″ Projector Screen is Great Pick At $54 (40 Percent OFF)

The HOMPOW 720P Portable Mini Projector with 100″ Projector Screen is on sale right now for $54 when you use the discount code HNZ6HJV2 at the checkout. You save 40 percent with this offer today.

Hompow not only improved the brightness and resolution in order to provide customers with the best experience, let buyers enjoy the amazing visual experience comparable to the cinema, but also added a 100-inch projector screen to allow you to watch better.

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The brightness of our video projector is enhanced, which is 80 percent brighter than other general projectors, and you can see a clear picture even during the day. Native 720P resolution (supported resolution:1920×1080 Full HD) gives you and your family an amazing feel comparable to a movie theater, our projector is also good for outdoor movies.

This movie projector allows you to connect your smartphone (iphone/android cellphone) directly to the MHL cable (not included) that lets you share videos and photos on your iphone/android phone. And compatible with a variety of devices, such as TV sticks, PCs, notebooks, TVs, USB disks, DVDs, PS4, Wii, almost all multimedia devices, mirrored projectors do not support the playback of protected videos (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu).

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60-200 inches is the recommended projection distance. You’ll get a large 50-176-inch high-definition screen, watch high-definition home high-definition movies at home or enjoy game/movie fun with friends on the large screen. Built-in HIFI stereo speakers, immersive audio experience, let you become the movie’s protagonist, not the audience.

Its projector uses the updated 2020 noise reduction technology that makes you focus on enjoying your movies.

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