15W Qi Fast iPhone Charger For Car Drops To $27

Nalwort Wireless Car Charger

Amazon offers Nalwort Wireless Car Charger for $27 with a direct discount. You save 21 percent with this offer.

This metal frame Car Wireless Charger combines 1 unit of the wireless charger and phone mount(Dashboard & Air Vent). Charge your phone without messy cables, keep your phone firmly free to drive safely.

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The wireless car charger mount will automatically grip your phone when it is placed on the mount. To open the clamp, the buttons can be pressed on either side. Moreover, the built-in super condenser allows you to reopen the clamp 1-3 times in 1 hour, even when the car is shut down.

The car phone mount’s wireless charger can intelligently identify your phones and select optimal charging power performance with the built-in responsive smart chip.

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With 2 coils made of high-purity copper, the wireless charger for the car is provided, it can sensitively identify your phone and charge within 5 mm through the case. Wireless charging will interfere with metal or other foreign objects. If any foreign objects are detected, the LED indicator will alternately flash green and red.

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