This Power Bank With Built In Lightning Cable & USB C Cable is Great For Apple Device & It’s Discounted Today

myCharge Portable Charger Power Bank-min

Amazon offers myCharge Portable Charger Power Bank for $41 with a direct discount. This offer is 41 percent off the $70 original price.

Portable charger with built-in cables, MyCharge wants to help you dig the charging cables! The portable HubPlus battery charger plug-in directly into the 6700 mAh/3 4A power pack and backup batteries up to 4x.

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The foldable wall plug works as a wall charger adapter and also simultaneously recharges the power bank – the best portable phone charger for the backup needed to stay powered anywhere at any time.

There is an enormous amount of power and convenience to travel on just a card deck – this slim external battery charger will charge your phone 3 times faster than the original iPhone charger cube from Apple.

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Give power and share a cord with family friends or even strangers! iPhone Charger Lightning Cable and USB Type C Cables are case compatible and are suitable for external connecting with most devices and a USB port.

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