myCharge Portable Power Bank Has Built In iPad & iPhone Lightning Cable, 20 Percent OFF!

Pickup myCharge Portable Charger Power Bank for $63.49 with a direct discount. Today’s offer saves 20 percent off the regular cost.

MyCharge wants to assist you in removing the charging cables! Devices plug directly into the power pack for 10050 mAh/3 with the HubMax portable battery charger. 4A shared output and up to 6x battery backup for cell phones.

Silicon Power 64GB USB-C Type C Flash Drive For iPad & MacBook Now $17

The foldable wall plug works as a wall charger adapter, and also recharges the power bank simultaneously (Recharge = 4.6 hours). The best portable phone charger for the backup needed to stay powered at any time, anywhere.

An immense amount of power and travel-safe convenience is contained in something no greater than a card deck – this slim external battery charger will charge your phone 3x faster than the original Apple iPhone charger cube.

This Discounted 15-in-1 USB C Docking Station For MacBook Also Has Built In Wireless Charger

Give a gift of power and share a cord with your family, friends, coworkers, or even a stranger! The iPhone Charger Lightning Cable & USB Type C Cables are case-compatible and work with most devices as well as external connections via a USB port.

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