This WiFi Projector is Ready To Be Used With An iPhone, On Sale For $75

MVV WiFi Projector

Amazon is offering MVV WiFi Projector for $75 when you clip the on-page coupon. You save 35 percent with this offer today.

In today’s world, screen synchronization with simple steps is more necessary and relevant. YES, your needs can be met by the MV06 projector WiFi. You can synchronize or mirror the screen of your smartphones and tablets via WiFi, and you can also use the original USB charging cable from the manufacturer to synchronize your devices. You don’t need an adapter or any extra cable. The connection steps are easier and more stable and are user-friendly.

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The core technology of the projector is brightness and it is the most important index for measuring the projector. The MV06 Mini Projector is 120 ANSI, which is at least 3 times that for other mini Projectors.  High brightness with high resolution gives you the ideal projection effect, with a native resolution of 1280x720P supported by 1920x1080P.

Movie projector MV06 with a screen (100 inches). All it takes is an MV06 package, a single projection screen, a home theater in your room or in your backyard can be created easily. MV06 is an outdoor movie projector, can’t wait to see what happens outside this spring?

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The projector is compatible with TV boxes, TV sticks, PCs, laptops, tablets, USB flash drives, players and is equipped with HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB interfaces. It’s supposed to have a lot of environment—Home Theater, Video Game, Party. You can use it in a dark room for small meetings, but it’s not a professional PPT or text office projector.

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