Get Your iPhone A Mpow Wireless Car Charger For $14 With This Special Code

Mpow Wireless Car Charger

Amazon is offering Mpow Wireless Car Charger for $14 with discount code OWG2JVQJ at the checkout. Save 50 percent with this offer today. 

The wireless car charger provides Galaxy 10W fast charging, iPhone 7.5W, and other wireless charging-enabled devices with 5W fast charging (Note: 10W/7.5W fast charging requires a QC3.0/2.0 adapter). The Mpow 164 wireless car charger is equipped with pull-down foot support. The needs of different mobile phones can be met by 7 different gears (Note:12 /12 Pro needs to be adjusted to 2nd gear, 12 Pro Max needs to be adjusted to 4th gear).

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Simply divert your phone to your holder and the arms close to secure the phone automatically. In the car mount wireless charger there is a supercapacitor, although, when you turn off a car engine, you can still open your arms and get your phone.

With a twist-lock system and a slip-resistant hook, the vent clip holds your device on uneven terrain without problems. Composed of high temperature-resistant PC and fiber materials, the clip cannot be deformed easily after long-term use.

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The holder of the car phone charges a case that is smaller than 4mm (0.2in). Note: Before charging, remove metal and magnetic objects. There are 2 telescopic feet in it so you can lower them to keep the charging bobbin for efficient wireless charging on your phone aligned with the charger coil.

With its 360° ball head, the handset mount holder allows you to adjust your phone in portrait or landscape orientation at any angle. This enables you to get the safest and most comfortable view without strains in the neck or eye.

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