Mpow H5 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Are Apple Owners Favorite, On Sale For $30

With the MPOW143A1 code on Amazon, the Mpow H5 effective noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones have fallen to $29.99. The price is also so low because the regular $53 price of headphones is dropped directly to only $45 before you apply the code. The Silver headphones are also down to $45, but for the extra discount, the code does not apply to those.

For dynamic and efficient audio, the H5 uses P10 Premium 40 mm stereo drivers. They also have an upgraded active noise-canceling technology that reduces noise in the environment. You’ll not even hear the sounds that are usually too noisy by the headset on the subway or crowded street or the cabin of a plane

For these headphones, the battery life will last for up to 30 hours, even with active noise cancellation. That’s great battery life. You can really take them to the airport without thinking about keeping them charged and use them for a long flight. Use the headphones in classes or during your lunch break and you’re not going to have to charge them until you get back.

The H5’s soft enlarged protein ear pads are designed to be comfortable so you can wear them for 30 hours if you want without noticing them. Also, the ear pads swivel so that they can be kept flat At just 240 g, they are collapsible, adaptable, and very lightweight. The headphones packed and easy to access are easy to travel around the world.

Bluetooth 4.0 technology is integrated into the headphones. So it’s not just because of the long battery life that you don’t have to worry about a charging cable, you don’t even have to worry about any cables to listen to music. The Bluetooth tech can work with any compatible device up to 10 meters away.

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