Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Have Over 31000+ Rating, On Sale For $11

_Mpow FLAME2 Bluetooth Headphones Sport-min

True wireless earbuds these days are all the rage, but some aren’t great at workouts. They may fall off your ears or be knocked loose, sending them flying. And when you take them out, they have to be held or pocketed; there is no place for them to simply hang. For these and more reasons, I sometimes prefer “regular wireless” earbuds from the old school — at least to work on.

And, Wow, this deal: Amazon’s seller Mpow Tech has the Mpow Flame waterproof wireless sport earbuds of only $11.18 when you click the $4 on-coupon on-page and then apply promotional code 33T7ZHQ4. It’s just good for the red color. And it’s always the lowest price.

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones-min

These snazzy-looking earbuds have a flat cord which means one or both can just hang around your neck unless they are in use. Mpow provides four ear tips so that the best possible fit is obtained and ear hooks so that the buds can’t fly.

They are waterproof and IPX7-qualified and can always be a welcome tool with two different devices. I particularly like the large, raised, separated volume buttons on the top; so many earbuds have tiny, flush, underside buttons that are just impossible to navigate by touch. Likewise, the large red multifunction button is on the side, unmistakable with volume controls.

These earbuds were around for some time, at least according to the huge over 38,000 (average of 4.4 stars) user reviews. This same listing may have applied previously to another product, but the latest ratings are certainly extremely positive.

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