Pair Your iPhone With Monster Wireless Earbuds, On Sale For $36 [$30 OFF]

Right now, you can pick up the Monster Wireless Earbuds for just $35.98 from Amazon. Without applying any special discount at the checkout, you save directly $30 on the original price.

Don’t worry if you need to use the earphones right away but forgot to charge them, with just 10 minutes of charging, you can play for 120 minutes. Monster Bluetooth earphones can play music continuously for over 260 minutes on a single charge, and the charging case’s capacity can be increased to 1440 minutes.

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To offer a greater wireless range, and a quick and steady connection, the Monster Stereo Earbuds use a sophisticated Bluetooth 5.0 chip. Turn on Bluetooth for a one-step connection of the smartphone after a first-time pairing that goes well. Monster wireless earphones are resistant to liquids in all weather thanks to their superb waterproof construction. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. You can use one or two earphones for calls, and thanks to the built-in microphone, you can hear the other party clearly even in a noisy situation. With a single click of the MFB, you can manage the microphone, music, and volume whether you need to answer a call or change the station.

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The ergonomic Monster earbuds’ lightweight and snug fit ensures that you won’t get tired after a lengthy session of listening. Six different earbud sizes, three pairs of SportClips, three pairs of Eartips, and a lightweight, portable design allow for maximum sound immersion and minimal outside noise.

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