This Wireless Charger Can Be Attached To A Table, On Sale For $12

MiLi Table Mate

Amazon is offering MiLi Table Mate Wireless Charger for $11.50 when the discount code NQSQ6GN5 is used at the checkout. Usually sold for $28, the offer saves 60 percent off the regular price.

While thinner than 1.38 Inches, Table Mate can be applied to most desktops made of stone, wood, glass, ceramic, and many other materials excluding metal. Instead of modifying them, it can fit perfectly into the furniture you have.

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1/40 Inch sensor tape is not going to be a burden on your desktop while you’re working, reading, or even drinking.

With the smart control chip developed by MiLi, Carmate prevents the occurrence of short circuits, overheating, current overload, and overpressure.

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Seamless integration of wireless charging with magnetic resonance. Provided the mobile device remains centrally located on the sensor post, it will start charging immediately free of any problems caused by the use of the cable.

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