Meco Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug Are Smartphone Controllable For $7 Only

The white Meco Mini smart Wi-Fi plug is reduced to $6.99, with Amazon code LBOQIP3H. This is a reasonable $3 off the street price and positions the plugin the “super-affordable” category. At this price, you can take two or three and make all your equipment smart.

I’m familiar with a few Amazon Echo speakers and smart plugs and bulbs spread over your home by now. This is convenient. At this point, you should make the full change. For smart plugs as cheap as today’s offer, a blender, a coffee maker or a nightstand lamp should not be left unintelligent!

No hub or anything like that is required by the Meco Mini. It supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant instantly, so you can immediately add voice control over anything you are plugging into. The Smart Life app can also be used to control the plug, downloaded from Android or iOS. Android 4.4 or higher or iOS 8 or higher are necessary for your use. You can control your electronics completely remotely with the app. A one-button switch is provided for easy on and off of your electronics. Routines and timers can also be specified.

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