Get This Popular 15W Magnetic Fast Wireless Charging Pad For Your iPhone 13 At $12!

The mcdodo 15W Magnetic Fast Wireless Charging Pad is on sale right now at Amazon for $12.39. Today’s offer allows you to save directly $5.60 on the original price and clip the on-page coupon to score an extra $2 discount.

The best wireless charging solution for all iPhone 12 models is this 15W wireless charger with strong magnetic force. It’s made to charge the iPhone 12 magnetically, even if it’s in a MagSafe case.

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To most gadgets, it offers a powerful 15W (Max) output. Your iPhone 12 charges in only 3.1 hours, which is 45 minutes faster than the other 10Ws’ 3.8 hours. The 1500Gs attraction power of the built-in strong magnets ensures the most secure attachment to all iPhone 12 models.

It snaps into place in a fraction of a second and never falls off when you’re playing games or surfing the web. Only the iPhone 12 series supports magnetic charging. Mcdodo’s proprietary 15-Layer SmartProtect system protects your phone battery from overheating, overcurrent, and other hazards.

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The strong NTC Temp Guard System eliminates 35 percent heat and increases 45 percent power conversion to safeguard the phone battery while rapid charging. Not only does it allow magnetic charging for the iPhone 12 series, but it’s also wireless charging compatible with Samsung, AirPods, and other devices.

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