The all-new 100W USB C to USB C cable tech takes charging speed to the next level. Fast charge your MacBook Pro 16” to 60% in just 45 minutes—58% faster than using a 60W cable.

To accommodate the charging requirements of contemporary devices with USB-C ports, INIU has developed a state-of-the-art solution: a 6-foot, 2-pack of USB-C to USB-C cable. Originally priced at $14, this cable set is now a steal at $3.64 (after applying the on-page coupon and discount code SXBCGE2T). The 100W charging capability is the most notable aspect of the cable, providing a significant upgrade over the conventional 60W cables. Users with power-hungry devices will love the faster charging times made possible by this improved power delivery.

Instantaneous laptop charging is a major perk of the INIU 100W USB C to USB C cable. For example, compared to a standard 60W cable, it can charge a 16″ MacBook Pro to 60% in 45 minutes, an improvement of 58%. Laptop users, whether students or working professionals, depend on their devices for long periods of time and require fast recharges to keep working efficiently.

The impressive fast-charging capabilities of the cable are not limited to laptops, but can be enjoyed by smartphones as well. An iPhone can be fully charged from 15 to 60% in just 25 minutes with the 2024 Upgrade PD 100W technology. Similar to how a Samsung S22 Ultra can be charged to 89% capacity in 30 minutes using Samsung Super Fast Charging 2.0, this device also supports that technology. Users who are always on the move and need their devices to be ready right away will appreciate this efficiency.

A further big plus of the INIU USB C to USB C cable is its compatibility. Its 100W output makes it suitable for a broad variety of devices, including Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles, top-tier laptops, USB-C smartphones and tablets, and more. Because of its adaptability, it is a great option for people who use a lot of devices, as it allows them to charge all of them with just one sturdy cable.

The INIU cable is known for its incredible durability, thanks to its FLYWEAVE braided nylon coating and flexible anti-rupture SR joints. This sturdy build has withstood extensive testing, including more than 45,000 bending cycles, guaranteeing that the cable can endure regular usage without breaking. People who rely on their cables for long-term reliability and protection from fraying or breaking will appreciate this degree of durability.

The INIU USB-C to USB-C cable prioritizes both functionality and safety. It includes the exclusive Emark2.0 chip, which automatically adjusts the power output to match the connected device, enhancing charging safety. You can rest easy knowing that your devices won’t be damaged by overcharging, overheating, or any other form of intelligent power management.

With its 6 feet of length, the INIU USB C to USB C cable provides convenience in addition to its outstanding technical specifications. If you’re ever in a place without easy access to power outlets, this long cord will let you charge your devices without sacrificing comfort. Users get an extra cable for use at home, in the office, or on the go with the 2-pack offering, which adds value even further.

In addition to improving the user experience, the cable has a premium feel and a sleek design. Its braided nylon exterior is both sturdy and fashionable, adding to its longevity. The reversible USB-C connectors allow for easy plugging in any direction, enhancing its practical design and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. This feature eliminates the frustration of incorrect connections.

All things considered, the INIU USB C to USB C Cable (6ft, 2-Pack) is a top pick for anyone looking for a long-lasting, flexible, and powerful charging solution. Its exceptional durability, wide compatibility, enhanced safety features, and rapid charging capabilities make it stand out from the competition. Users looking for efficient and dependable charging for their USB-C devices will find it to be an exceptional value at the current discounted price.

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