This Detachable Laptop Stand Raise Your MacBook To The Perfect Viewing Angle At $19

LITEPRO Detachable Laptop Riser

Amazon is currently offering the LITEPRO Detachable Laptop Riser for $18.69. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you can save 20 percent directly on the original price.

The width can be adjusted to accommodate laptops and tablets ranging in size from 10′ to 15.6′, including the Apple MacBook 12 / 13, MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro 13 / 15 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016, Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell Inspiron XPS, HP, ASUS, and Chromebook (10 inches, 11 inches, 12 inches, 13 inch, 13.3 inch, 14 inch, 15 inches, 15.4 inches, 15.6 inches, etc).

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The laptop stand is constructed of a thick and strong aluminum alloy that provides excellent stability and is ideal for office use. The rubber strip on the notebook computer stand can significantly reduce the likelihood of a collision, protect it, and keep the laptop from slipping.

Adapted to the Human Body-Our notebook stand raises the notebook computer by six inches, alleviating neck and shoulder pain caused by prolonged exposure to the computer while working or entertaining.

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The space at the bottom of the bracket may benefit the notebook’s heat dissipation. You can store some small items such as a keyboard, mouse, or pen.

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