iPhone: LISEN Car Vent Phone Mount Available For $7

At $6.59, you can pick up the Lisen Gravity Car Vent Phone Mount from Amazon. Today’s offer allows you to save directly $5.40 on the original price when you use the “45B652CZ” coupon code at the checkout.

Only two fingers are required to hold your phone while it slides in and out of the folding gravity car phone holder mount, giving you the simplest operation and a strong & steady grip thanks to the gravity-stable auto-lock phone. Driving is a smooth experience. When the car vent phone mount is retracted, it flawlessly complements your vehicle like an accessory.

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The idea behind retractable clamp cradles is to clamp down when a mobile phone is bumped, preventing the phone from falling out while driving: The butterfly-shaped wrapping arm has been increased from 50% of the phone protection area to 80%, fits snuggly clamp better, extension hold greater and is stronger. It automatically extends to fit the device. An improved built-in metal exterior wrapped silicone “hook clip” fixes the issues of metal hook damage to vents and plastic hook clips that are easily broken. Precision engineering goes into the LISEN auto phone mount holder for the vent to give users superior use outcomes.

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Three “Hook Clip” grip points tightly hook around the a/c vent to prevent any movement or sliding. Upgraded longer built-in metal hook horizontal and vertical vents that are always stable, All compatible with our iPhone car mount as long as the car has horizontal and vertical vents, even if there are only two pages of vents.

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