This 2-in-1 Triple Display USB C Adapter Fulfills All The MacBook Ports Requirement At $57 (Save $13)

LIONWEI 12-in-1 Triple Display USB C Adapter

Amazon is currently offering the LIONWEI 12-in-1 Triple Display USB C Adapter for $56.94. Today’s offer allows you to save directly $13.05 on the original price without applying any special discount code at the checkout.

Both SST and MST are supported by this 12-IN-1 USB C Docking Station. Support mirror or expand mode with crystal clear 3D visuals and high-quality video through two HDMI ports and one VGA port; HDMI resolution will be 4K@30Hz (under DP1.4 source) if two monitors are used at the same time. When using a dual or triple display with VGA, the output will be 1080P@60Hz.

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It only supports mirror mode and non-mirror mode on Mac systems. The three external monitors are identical but distinct from the laptop in non-mirror mode. Data Transfer is Reliable and Fast: Two USB 2.0 ports provide data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps. It is recommended to connect the wireless mouse or keyboard to a USB 2.0 port due to USB 3.0 radio frequency interference with the wireless connection. Transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbps are supported via two USB 3.0 connectors.

Built-in SD and TF slots make it simple to access files from a universal SD card or a Micro SD card; two cards can be read at the same time. This USB C SD card reader transfers data at up to 104MB/S and has a capacity of up to 2TB. The 1000M Ethernet port provides instant, consistent Internet access (supporting 10/100/1000Mbps speeds.)

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When compared to a non-pad charger, the LIONWEI USB C hub is rated at 87W and supports power Delivery 3. 0 technology (backward compatible with PD 2. 0). This enables for much faster charging times. Connect stereo headphones and a microphone to the combined analog audio input and output port.

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