LIFX A19 Smart Bulb Has A Apple HomeKit Support, Drops To $24 Today

As part of a smart home push, Amazon offers the powerful and versatile LIFX A19 light bulb for just $23.99. This bulb typically sells for around the $30 mark and would make a perfect addition to bringing an affordable level of intelligence into your property.

There seems to be a growing number of manufacturers starting to offer such products. Some of them come with unique flavors and selling points of their own. For some homes, some of them are perfect and not for others. For some budgets, some of them are perfect and not for others. Generally speaking, the LIFX range tends to sit right in the middle by attracting all quarters and offers even more appeal now that the extremely popular A19 bulb can be picked up for less.

One of the most attractive features of this particular LIFX bulb is that no additional hardware is required to be in place. Unlike some on the market, to act as a proxy between the homeowner and the intelligence with which they can interact, this hardware does not need any hubs or additional bridges. It is a WiFi-based bulb, which means connecting directly to an existing wireless network in the property instead of connecting to any bridging hardware that simply adds complexity and price to the equation. Connect to your WiFi, grab the mobile app that accompanies you, and you’re definitely good to go.

The LIFX bulbs also offer compatibility with voice control platforms such as Alexa and Assistant as well as being able to be controlled from the provided mobile app. Simply speak out your commands and you can light up your property without moving or touching anything. Efficiently staggering energy-saving bulbs that not only add a new level of intelligence to your property but should also be able to save money on energy bills because they do not consume energy constantly and can be controlled efficiently.

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