Lift Your iMac Or Other Monitor With Ergotech Freedom Monitor Arm For $74

The Ergotech Freedom Monitor Arm is offered by Amazon for $73.51. That is $16+ off the typical rate of $2 of the lowest Amazon price we have observed in more than one year. You may be missing if your monitor is on your desk with its inclusive stand. I chose a similar assembly some time ago and I love the ergonomics it brought to my setup. This particular mount is ready for displays weighing up to 17 pounds, which will support most monitors and VESA- iMacs. 4/5 stars ratings.

Product Highlights:

Compatible with PC & iMac monitors with built-in VESA compatibility

Please visit Ergotech website for a complete list of compatible iMac models

Includes articulating arm + desk clamp base + 8 inches pole

Monitor Weight Capacity: Min 8.4lbs/Max 17.8lbs

VESA Compatible: 75×75 & 100×100

Max deck thickness: 2.5″

Warranty: 3 Years

Tilt: up 90º, down 45º

Pan: 180º, rotation: 360º

Height adjustment: up to 14″

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