Print Your iPhone Photos Instantly With The Lifeprints Portable Color Printer For $80 ($70 OFF)

The Lifeprints Portable Color Smartphone Printer is available for $79.99 from Amazon. Normally, this would sell for around $130, but today’s deal is one of the best we’ve seen, falling just $2 short of the Prime Day low. You can print all of your favorite photos in full-color right from the app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. The printer connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can also be used to create memorable party favors or instant portraits. With Hyperphotos, you can even embed a video into the print to watch in mesmerizing AR over and over.

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Product Highlights:

Easily print real photos from your phone with just one click.

Lifeprint’s Augmented Reality Hyperphotos can embed a video inside your photos so they come to life like magic in your hands. Just think magical Harry Potter photos.

Connect with friends and family within the Lifeprint App and instantly share real photos with them from anywhere in the world. No other photo printer in the world can do this.

Print saved Snaps, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Live Photos, moving GIFs, and more. Just imagine the cat video possibilities.

The larger 3×4.5 photo print is over twice the size of other 2×3 inch photo printers. The larger size really makes a difference.

 Connect Lifeprint to your home wifi and print from anywhere in the world. With WiFi, you’re always connected. Instantly print photos while on vacation and they’ll be printed and waiting for you when you get home.

 Lifeprint’s 3×4.5 photos are also stickers Perfect for decorating your walls, photo albums, and MacBook.

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