Lenovo Smart Tablet Are Still On Sale For $80 At Amazon, Usually $150

Smart speakers are very useful, and in recent years smart speakers have appeared as a whole new category with built-in displays. Using a monitor makes them even more flexible in some cases, but do you ever just want to take the smart screen with you? If you do, you should check out the Smart Tab line from Lenovo, particularly when they’re on sale for their best prices ever.

They combine the best of an Android tablet with an Alexa-enabled speaker dock that, when docked, turns it into something like an Echo Show. Right now, the Smart Tab M10 HD and Smart Tab P10 tablet and dock combinations at Amazon are down to just $79.99 and $149.99, respectively. All rates are close to all-time lows, even matching the deals provided on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, although we don’t know how long they will last.

The M10 HD tablet features the eponymous 10-inch HD screen, two Dolby Atmos front-end speakers and more. It is powered by a 429 processor 2 GHz Snapdragon, 2 GB RAM, and has 32 GB of internal storage plus support for up to 256 GB microSD cards. It runs Android and has access to the Google Play Store for applications, lasts around 8 hours a day, and even a built-in kids mode helps your children to feel safe.

However, the dock included is what makes this product unique. Set the tablet down and it becomes a smart, Alexa-enabled screen with a 6W speaker range supported by the dock. You can use Alexa to get details, display recipes, play music, add to your shopping list, make video calls, and much more exactly as you would on the company’s own Echo hardware. It can also control your smart home accessories that are compatible with Alexa. Of course, the dock also makes a convenient tablet charger.

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