MacBook Heating Issue? Snag Lenovo Portable Aluminum Laptop Stand At $20 (20 Percent OFF)

The Lenovo Portable Aluminum Laptop Stand is available for $19.99 from Amazon. That’s $5 off the going rate there, and it’s the same as the lowest price we’ve found. This high-quality laptop stand can accommodate up to a 16-inch MacBook Pro and other laptops of comparable size. When your device is propped up, it will be given an 18-degree tilt, which should help bring the top of your screen to eye level. Adopting this position can result in proper spine and neck alignment, resulting in less strain and overall comfort. When folded flat and not in use, it measures 10.2 by 10.6 inches, making it small enough to fit in a variety of bags.

Lenovo Portable Aluminum Laptop Stand Supports laptops up to 15. 6 inches in size, has a perfect 18° tilt that allows users to keep their spine and neck in a proper position while viewing.

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Design hollow-carved with an additional 3. 5 “of air space enables even high-performance gaming laptops to stay cool for extended periods of time without frustrating overheating and throttling issues.

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On the sturdy aluminum frame, silicone footing prevents slipping and sliding. This stand saves space, has a fold-flat construction, and is simple to move from one location to another.

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