Latest Apple AirPods With Wireless Charging Case For $169.99 For Today Only

With a very nice discount in place, Apple’s latest generation of wireless AirPods is currently being offered via Amazon. AirPods can be picked up with the accompanying Wireless Charging Case for just $169.99 for what is likely to be a limited period of time.

The AirPods from Apple has set fire to the technology-loving world. Without seeing someone sporting those familiar-looking AirPods in their ears, it is difficult to walk around in the general population. If the job of Apple was to get as many people as possible to wear AirPods and to be able to recognize them immediately for others who don’t wear them, then it was almost instantly successful. Now, if you don’t own them at the moment, it’s the perfect time to grab them at that price.

With this purchase, you’ll get everything about the AirPods that’s great. The hardware is built on “automatically on” and “automatically connected,” which means that after the initial pairing you don’t have to fiddle around with power buttons or pair them manually with a device. Simply remove the AirPods from the accompanying charge box and they will pick up their device and be ready to use automatically. For all Apple devices, the AirPods also comes with an extremely simple initial setup process.

Additionally, for hands-free calling and other features, you get access to brand new “Hey, Siri” feature. The AirPods also come with different gestures to make it all super easy, like double-tapping to play songs or skipping tracks. This model is also built for faster wireless connection to devices with Apple’s own H1 chipset and it even has the wireless charging case that can be charged using Qi-compatible wireless chargers. A product of the second generation that definitely takes AirPods to the next level.

If you’ve always thought about this hardware but didn’t want to invest in it at full price, then now is the perfect time to get your hands on the latest phenomenon from Apple. It is unlikely that Amazon will continue to sell hardware at this price so make sure to grab them right now while the discount is still in full force.

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