Your MacBook Is Incomplete Without This Discounted 12 in 1 USB C Docking Station (17 Percent OFF)

Amazon is currently offering the Lasuney Triple Display 12 in 1 USB C Docking Station Dock today for $38.24. Save 17 directly on this docking station without using coupon code (Originally $45.99).

LASUNEY 12 in 1 Hub The following steps are needed to achieve the extended mode: Mirror displays Set-Display Arrangement-Cancel display. Please also drag the setting box to the external display page. You can then get an HDMI1+HDMI2+VGA display, a Macbook display. Two different contents altogether.

This Discounted USB C Docking Station Comes With Each And Every Ports Needed For Your MacBook, $140 ($50 OFF)

The 12-in-1 hub supports both SST and MST for the Win system. Up to 4 different displays can be enjoyed from 2 HDMI outputs, 1 VGA output, and 1 laptop screen in extendable mode. For the Mac system, it can extend 2/3 monitors with the same contents but with a high resolution of 4K difference from the laptop display content. It is used effectively in different learning and work scenarios.

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LASUNEY 12 in 1 Hub support mirror or extend the mode through 2 HDMI ports + 1 VGA with a crystally clear visual and high-quality video experience. HDMI will be 4K/30Hz if two monitors play together, 1080P/60Hz if the VGA display is dual or triple. It supports a 4K/60Hz resolution monitor mostly while DP1.4 is the source.

With 2 USB3.0 + 2 USB2.0 ports, LASUNEY 12 in 1 hub simultaneously delivers 5Gb/s high-speed data transmission and a wide variety of applications. Its compact body also inserts SD and TF slots for easy access to Universal SD and Micro SD Memory Card files, which enables 2 cards to be read at once and makes the office more convenient.

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