Last Day For Non Prime Amazon Shoppers If You Want To Get Your Gifts Delivered Before Christmas!

Amazon’s last-minute holiday shopping is the best. Discovering new gift ideas is simple and getting them delivered to your home quickly. Through shopping online rather than in a brick-and-mortar store, you’re saving a lot of money, too. You just need to recall the holiday shipping deadlines for Amazon. With Prime membership, it’s a lot less risky, but if you’re still not a Prime member, you can buy anything today and receive it by December 24 when using the free standard shipping service from Amazon.

It’s also important to keep an eye out when shipping an item before you place your order when you’re shopping on Amazon. This can give an indication as to whether your item can make it to you on time before you go through any issues with it, as there are certain items that already have delays in delivery. If an item is not shipped today, if you use the free standard shipping speed of Amazon for orders totaling $25 or more, it probably won’t make it to your home by December 24.

You’ve got free two-day delivery on thousands of items at Amazon with a Prime membership. This means you can stop shopping until as late as Sunday, December 22 if you’re still uncertain about what to buy. Amazon also offers free one-day shipping through Prime on select goods and even delivery to others on the same day, of course. Depending on where you are based, these shipping choices can also be affected.

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