This 128GB Flash Drive Also Works Great For Your iPhone & It’s On Sale For $17

The LANSLSY 128GB iPhone Flash Drive is right now on sale at Amazon for just $16.79. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 24% off the original price.

Do you still worry that the storage on your phone is full? The iPhone flash drive is a fantastic tool for increasing the amount of storage on your phone. It includes three different ports, iPhone, a USB-A port, and a type C (independent adapter), so you can transfer data between them all and maintain your phone’s memory high.

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A USB 3.0 connector on the Lanslsy iPhone memory stick saves time by preventing repetitive loading while transferring huge data. You can quickly transfer your images and videos from your computer or mobile device to the iPhone’s USB memory. Do you know why the photo stick should be made of metal? It looks more glossy, has a better texture, and is stronger. The 360° rotating picture stick is much easier to grip and use than a conventional slidable design since you can easily spin it to the side you need and plug it into your device. It is quite simple to take about thanks to its compact size and low weight.

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Feel free to store your favorite music, movies, pictures, videos, or important files on the photo stick so that you can one-click backup critical office files whenever and wherever you need them. This will allow you to play music or watch movies directly from the iPhone’s external storage to unwind when you’re tired. You can still share photos or movies with your buddies even if there is no wifi or internet.

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