Lamicall Foldable Phone Stand is Must Have For iPhone At $9.99

Amazon currently has the Lamicall Foldable Phone Stand for $9.99. With today’s deal, you can immediately save 23% off the original price, which was just $12.99.

The height of the universal phone stand can be altered vertically by up to 3.2 inches. To suit your tastes, you can change the viewing angle and height. Try to look down less at the phone screen to lessen the strain on your neck and back. a great desktop that frees your hands to watch live-streaming videos or take online courses.

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This phone stand can hold devices with cases up to 0.71 inches thick. The base feet, hooks, and backrest all have thicker, larger anti-slip silicone mats to keep your phone from sliding and becoming scratched. This phone stand’s robust construction and immaculate, high-precision surface ensure that it won’t scratch or break even with frequent use.

This portable phone stand is easy for anyone to carry. The bi-folding design of this foldable mobile stand enables it to be made small and portable. Simply put it into a compact container and toss it in your handbag or backpack each time you travel, whether for fun or business. There is a need for office supplies, smartphone accessories, and workplace organizers.

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Unlike other substandard goods that are easy to shake or tip over, this mobile phone stand’s telescopic rod and base are manufactured of weighted quality metal to ensure stability. Your phone may rest securely on it even with a thick case thanks to the great groove design of the base and the strong adjustable rod.

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