$70 iPhone Sanitizer Box Falls To $26

Amazon offers KPP UV Phone Sanitizer Box for $26 when the on-page coupon is clipped and the 9ZGMNEXC discount code is used at the checkout. Usually sold for $70, the offer today saves $44.

All bacteria we touch throughout the day, especially our cell phones, are collected and then stored in warm and obscene places, such as wallets and bags to allow bacteria to grow and multiply. The use of the KPP UV Sanitizer Box on a regular basis will help prevent bacteria and diseases.

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This KPP UV phone sterilizer box contains 8 UV-C LED beads that can disrupt the DNA & RNA of germs in just 3 minutes and block the spread of the virus. Compared to the mercury lamp, we have a lifespan of 10,000 hours and help to eliminate 99 percent of invisible hazards in just 3 minutes.

8 x 3.5 x 1.5inch interior size is designed to fit a variety of items such as keys, jewelry, eyeglasses, remotes, make-up brushes, headphones-you name it!

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Comprehensively sanitizes your personal belongings and everyday essential items that are difficult to disinfect or wash by hand.

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